Victoria in the middle of the disaster – shaken by the terrible event: “Worst affected”

Crown Princess Victoria

Kenya and the world are shaken by the terrible event.

WOW! Mette-Marit and Haakon at home with Victoria & Daniel at Haga Castle – watch the film

After the commercial: WOW! Mette-Marit and Haakon at home with Victoria & Daniel at Haga Castle – watch the film


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Crown Princess Victoria was recently in Brazil for a private trip with Prince Daniel and the children. Now she is back on duty to carry out her royal duties and has traveled to Kenya.

Crown Prince Haakon is also by her side during the visit. They have been good friends since childhood and also hang out in private, which probably makes the trip both easier and safer.

When they are seen, Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Mette-Marit are usually present, as in connection with Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s birthday celebration in Oslo in June, but this time they stay at home for reasons of unusualness.

Prince Daniel, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Haakon

The trip was canceled – now it’s off

The visit is on behalf of the UN; an organization that both Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Victoria are strongly connected to: he as a goodwill ambassador for the UN’s development program UNDP, she as a worker for the UN’s future goals.

The idea was that the trip would be made already in 2015, but just a few days before departure it was cancelled. Now, seven years later, the time has come to travel to a country that has recently been rocked by natural disasters.

Victoria’s strong statement creates headlines abroad: “Had enough”

The country is shaken by natural disasters

Earlier in November reported CNN that the country was hit by the longest drought in over a decade, which contributed to the drying up of water sources and the destruction of pastures.

In addition, thousands of animals have been killed and the Kenyan government has stated that climate change is killing 20 times as many elephants as poaching.

– The worst affected ecosystems are home to some of Kenya’s most visited national parks, reserves and conservation areas, said Kenya’s Tourism Minister Peninah Malonza, explaining that last year there were only 36,000 elephants left in the country.

Mortality has risen due to depletion of food resources as well as water shortages.


Natural disasters shake the wildlife in Kenya and several elephants, wildebeests and zebras have died recently.


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