Victoria was the evening’s dancing queen – check out the disco look!

Crown Princess Victoria

But wow Victoria! What cool colors – and what a disco dress!

Crown Princess Victoria looked like she came straight from the genre rope Let’s Dance as she came gliding through the mall in her glam evening gown, heading for tonight’s dinner:

Shiny silk – in lilac and green!

A party dress that left one shoulder bare and showed off her strong and fit arms.

Crown Princess Victoria in evening dress in Nairobi, Kenya

What a glam shock – the only thing missing was the disco ball!

Photo: Lise Åserud/TT

Just a few meters ahead, Victoria and Crown Prince Haakon then ran into a dancing couple as they passed the local bar with their entourage and security guards.

Victoria flashed her most beautiful smile at the couple – who stared back, completely stunned. They hadn’t expected to have two royals in the audience…

Crown Princess Victoria in evening look passes a dancing couple in Nairobi

High charm factor at that dance – and that meeting…

Photo: Lise Åserud/TT

Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Haakon on their way to dinner in Nairobi

On the other wall, the WC match between Spain and Croatia was shown and Crown Prince Haakon quickly checked what it said (5-0 to Spain).

Photo: Lise Åserud/TT

Crown Princess Victoria in Kenya – with Crown Prince Haakon

But for Victoria and Haakon, neither football nor dancing awaited, but a work dinner as the finale to this long and intense day. The one that started with a flight out to the coast and a beach lunch by the Indian Ocean before the visit continued among the mangrove trees.

Victoria’s day at the beach – see the new photos here!

Then it was a flight back to Nairobi in the afternoon, and hopefully some rest before it was time to change into the disco dress. Haakon matched with the tie.

Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Haakon at UNDP's dinner in Nairobi, Kenya

Ready for tonight’s work dinner. One of the laid tables looms behind.

Photo: Lise Åserud/TT

It was the UN’s development program that hosted this evening as well, and the venue was a business hotel on the outskirts of town:

A small dinner with only 30 guests at the round tables, among them several key people from the Kenyan government office and from the UN branch that is helping Kenya tackle the climate crisis.

Here Victoria is partying with Haakon – see the pictures from the night’s party!

Photo: TT

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