Victoria Where he denounced threats by Jonathan Morel, of Federal Revolution

The head of the Inadi, Victoria Dondadenounced threats and hate messages from one of the founders of the Federal Revolution and announced that he will initiate “legal action” against the alleged carpenter, while at the same time asking for the responsibility of the media that reproduce these speeches.

“Jonathan Morel says he is not violent but he threatened to kill me on 08/25, days before the assassination attempt against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner,” Donda said on his Twitter account, where he also shared a video that asks “Do you know Jonathan Morel?”, and collects statements from the leader of the Federal Revolution.

“Donda, you’re going to have the same fate as your parents, motherfucker. You’re going to ring the bell for San Pedro, Donda, your pussy”, says Morel in a video recorded during a demonstration on August 25 at the door of the presidential residence in Olivos.

The video shared by Donda also compiles journalistic notes where Morel assures: “I do not regret what I said or what I do”, and another where he claims to have received 1,760,000 pesos from Grupo Caputo, close to former president Mauricio Macri .

“Do you know him? He is one of the founders of the Federal Revolution, the group that organizes demonstrations with guillotines and messages of hate towards a large part of the political leadership,” Donda stressed in his Twitter thread.

In this sense, the head of Inadi indicated that “Acts of extreme violence are always preceded by hate speech. We cannot allow them to advance and take away our democracy, our peace and our freedom. In this case, I will take legal action so that Justice determines the path to follow”, ad.

In addition, the former national deputy targeted the TN television channel for calling Morel for an interview this Sunday, along with journalist Diego Sehinkman.

Tweet from 💚 Victoria Donda Perez

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