Victoria’s close friend speaks out: That’s why I left the Crown Princess

Victoria's close friend speaks out: That's why I left the Crown Princess

Now Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, 72, tells the truth The Express.

Victoria’s words about Haakon – after the cheeky question

After the commercial: Victoria’s words about Haakon – after the cheeky question


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Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg knows the Swedish royal family very well. And it’s not surprising because she worked there for 30 years. Tarras-Wahlberg was, among other things, press manager, information manager and head of the crown princess’s court staff, with the title of court marshal.

But the royal house and Wahlberg went their separate ways in 2008. This because she had received a job offer to become an adviser in international relations to Qatar and the Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani of Qatar, father of the current Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani,

In a long interview with Expressen now tells Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, who is 72 years old today, what actually happened when she agreed to move to Qatar and work for the emir.

– I was curious, she tells the newspaper and then elaborates:

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– Already after a couple of days, I understood that the Qatari court was hardly ready for the adaptation it wanted to international standards regarding the protocol for dealings with countries outside the Arab world.

Victoria’s close friend speaks out: That’s why I left the Crown Princess

She points to many points that contributed to this in the job, for example that very few of her colleagues could speak English. As you know, Qatar is a Muslim country that speaks Arabic.

– I also perceived it as if the head of protocol at Sheikh Hamad was not aware of my arrival. Sheikh Hamad’s one wife, Sheikha Moza – who appeared at his side officially – had had a protocol expert from Spain to achieve the same result in her court. She recognized the needs and was probably the one behind my employment.

Crown Princess Victoria and Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg had a strong relationship. Among other things, they traveled to Australia on a mission in 2005. She was also present when Princess Madeleine graduated in 2001.

In 2017, she went back to Qatar – mostly to show her new love how she felt. Since then she has worked as a self-employed person and, among other things, has been hired as a royal expert by TV4. In 2018, she started working as a consultant at the communications agency Lennox PR, writes Expressen.

Wahlberg also directs sharp criticism at the Gulf state because of the football World Cup, which is currently underway, and believes that the country does not stand up for human rights.

– I think it’s embarrassing, degrading for the sport. It is fundamentally absurd to allow a small desert country without significant infrastructure to have such a large sporting event, to change the entire schedule to suit the climate and to use guest workers for this, she says.

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