Victoria’s day at the beach – see the new photos here!

Crown Princess Victoria of Kenya

Had lunch by the Indian Ocean.

Victoria’s reunion with Crown Prince Haakon on the trip!

After the commercial: Victoria’s reunion with Crown Prince Haakon on the trip!


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Crown Princess Victoria’s Kenya trip is getting tough and today she and Crown Prince Haakon are out on the coast, in 29-degree heat.

Lunch was taken at one of Africa’s most beautiful beaches, with turquoise blue sea and chalky white sand, and with blazing sun over the beach restaurant.

Perfect then that Victoria and Haakon each received a sun hat as a present.

Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Haakon take a selfie in a UN vest and sun hat

Fluid break. Mode to take a selfie!

Photo: Lise Åserud/TT

Just any holiday – it’s not.

Victoria and Haakon are this week on duty for the United Nations Development Program UNDP – and it was two very dedicated royal UN workers who put on their blue vests.

Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Haakon on a UN assignment on a beach in Kwale in Kenya

Sun and chalky sand – but Victoria and Haakon are there to work.

Photo: Lise Åserud/TT

Today’s assignment focused on the local project that protects and preserves the threatened mangrove:

The one that is usually called “the hero of the sea” and which, with its labyrinths of roots and tree trunks, functions as a nursery, shelter and pantry for many of the fish and animals that live in the water.

Crown Princess Victoria

A thoughtful Victoria.

Photo: Lise Åserud/TT

Here Victoria is partying with Haakon – see the pictures from the night’s party!

But the day already started early this morning, when both heirs to the throne left Nairobi in the UN plane and flew west, to the city of Kwale.

Victoria even got a boarding pass! She who never has to deal with such practical things herself.

Crown Princess Victoria in Nairobi - boards the UN plane on its way to Kwale in Kenya

The Crown Princess of Sweden – ready with her yellow boarding pass. She seemed to think it was quite fun.

Photo: Lise Åserud/TT

In Kwale, one of Kenya’s first female governors hosted at her headquarters, and there was talk of female leadership and the challenges – and opportunities – of the climate crisis.

Crown Princess Victoria with Fatuma Achani – Kwale's first female governor

Women’s Summit: Victoria and the Governor.

Photo: Lise Åserud/TT

But then we got to see a transformation.

Victoria’s summery Ulla Johnson dress turned out to be a two-piece and suddenly the skirt (and sky-high suede pumps) were gone – and she appeared in chinos and trainers.

Just in time until it was time to step out onto the white sand.

Crown Princess Victoria changes shoes from suede pumps to gym shoes

Today’s shoe change.

Photo: Lise Åserud/TT

Crown Princess Victoria in Kenya – with Crown Prince Haakon

The Crown Princess of Sweden and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway are in Kenya on a joint official visit arranged by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) – and it is actually the first time in 13 years that they are traveling together, says Victoria.

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Victoria on a beach in Kwale on the Indian Ocean

Haakon and Victoria today – on a beach by the Indian Ocean.

Photo: Lise Åserud/TT

Photo: TT.

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