Vidal plays the future with a photo produced with the 2021 Colo Colo shirt

There are only a few hours left for Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile to see each other in the Superclásico 190 of national football, clashing on the 22nd date of the tournament in El Teniente de Rancagua tomorrow, Sunday, September 26, starting at 4:30 p.m.

One who will undoubtedly be aware of the development of the game will be Arturo Vidal, who if he does not have a game in Europe, he is always glued to the television to see the love club from a distance.

So it will be this Sunday, since Inter played during this day in condition against Atalanta and equaled 2-2 by date 6 of Serie A, with King out of the call while recovering from an injury.

Aware of the important duel that is coming for the Cacique was that King Arturo uploaded to his personal Instagram a Very good photography with the current Colo Colo shirt, playing with Photoshop and encouraging the team that saw him born.

Will it be an advance for what is to come? So we hope all the white fans, who already want to see behind the wheel return to the Monumental to fulfill one of his great objectives with the Cacique: to win the Copa Libertadores.

The story that Arturo Vidal uploaded to his personal Instagram. | Photo: Capture.

For now, Vidal will be one more fan encouraging the popular in this 190th edition of the Chilean soccer Superclásico. The Cacique not only puts the eight years of history at stake without losing to the U, but also a good option to escape in the leadership of the tournament.

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