Vidal’s reaction when they mention the U: “Those are dead, Colo Colo is the Champion”

Arturo Vidal is a recognized fan of Colo Colo. He was trained at the club and from his debut he showed great identification, quickly winning the hearts of the most fanatical fans of the popular cast.

The King has carried the Cacique’s flag all over the world, he follows the matches week by week and is always aware of the current situation of the popular cast. In the preview of a new version of the Chilean soccer Superclassic, through a live on Instagram, he lit the fans with a powerful message.

Through a live broadcast, King Arthur read to the fans accompanying him on the broadcast. Everything was proceeding normally and the screen began to fill with comments, until one of the followers came up with mentioning the word “Universidad de Chile”, which was promoted by one of his teammates, finding a quick response on the part from the steering wheel of the Chilean team.

“University of Chile? Those are dead, Colo Colo is the champion “ express. To later remember that on Sunday there will be a new version of the Chilean soccer Superclásico, where it will clearly be fanning for the popular cast.

The Superclásico between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile is scheduled for Sunday at 4:30 p.m. in Rancagua.

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