3000 m steeplechase: the cameraman is on the track

VIDEO. 2022 World Athletics Championships: a cameraman in the middle of the track during the 3,000m steeplechase final, the unusual image of the day in Eugene



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Entering lane number 2 on the straight, the technician was busy filming a medal ceremony as the race unfolded at the Eugene Worlds on Monday.

Traffic jam on the track. The victory of the Moroccan Soufianee El Bakkali in the final of the men’s 3,000 meter steeplechase at the Eugene World Athletics Championships was punctuated by an unusual moment on Monday 18 July. As the 15 finalists were about to complete their first lap of the track, they had to deviate from their path to avoid a cameraman, who entered in the middle of the track.

The crowd was screaming, but the technician stayed the eye fixed on the goal. In lane number 2, the man in the purple chasuble was filming the medalists of the women’s triple jump competition, concluded a few moments earlier. Unfazed, the cameraman let the group of athletes walk around him before leaving the track at Eugene’s Hayward Field. The race was then able to go to its end, after this unexpected additional obstacle.

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