VIDEO. 2022 World Swimming Championships: "I thought it was my turn now"reacts Léon Marchand after winning his second title


It seemed almost easy Leon Marchand.  The thundering Frenchman on his breaststroke confirmed his favorite position and won a second world champion title with this 200 meter medley.

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After winning his second gold medal at the world championships in Budapest on Wednesday, the young swimmer from Toulouse confided, smiling, at the microphone of France Télévisions.

“Honestly, it’s amazing!” With a smile from ear to ear, his gaze still as serene, Léon Marchand offered himself a new world title, Wednesday June 22, at the World Championships in Budapest. In the 200 meter medley, the French swimming prodigy was the strongest. He confessed that, minutes before he rushed into a two-way home-and-away battle, two things helped him go faster.“I saw the other French people before me win two medals, I thought it was my turn now.”

It must be said that with now five medals, France finds colors that it had not had for several championships. “There is something quite special going on in this team, there are a lot of young people and we are starting to get a lot of finals and medals”described the hero of the day on the atmosphere within the Blue swimmers.

Léon Marchand also looked back on his victorious race, where he “I liked this position (lane n°4) to see what was going on.” At 20 and for his first world championships, Léon Marchand won three charms in three races, two in gold and one in silver.

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