VIDEO: A man crashed and overturned trying to escape from the Police with an arsenal in the car

This Friday a 24-year-old man was arrested in La Plata and accused of the crimes of possession of weapons of war, concealment and resistance to authority, and already had an active capture request from the Justice and the Police. It all happened when the person involved was arrested at 19 and 34when the police observed that the license plate of the VW Fox car in which he was traveling was located in the town of Lugano.

When the driver was asked to stop for a control inspection, he accelerated searchingly, fleeing and making dangerous movements in the middle of the street. That’s why the agents started a operating deadbolt in which several mobiles from the Patrol Command participated, managing to reach him in 19th street corner 85.

There, as a result of the bad maneuvers that he had been carrying out, the man He lost control of the car and overturned, becoming trapped inside a ditch.. A companion she was traveling with, apparently of legal age and wearing a white T-shirt, he ran away. The police finally apprehended the driver, who was subject to an active arrest warrant at the request of the TOC 03 Dept. Judicial La Plata, within the framework of IPP 6091/22 titled “Coercion Control Incident and Release”.

In front of a witness They searched the vehicle and seized a 9mm Bersa Thunder model pistol with suppressed numbering and the magazine loaded with 15 ammunition, another 9mm Browning brand with suppressed numbering and the magazine placed with 9 ammunition, a bersa 22 Star brand with numbering loaded with 5 ammunition , a 45 mm Colt brand with numbering and without ammunition and another 9 mm Helwan brand with numbering and eight ammunition in the magazine.

Also two cell phones, an Iphone and a Samsung, added to the VW Suran car in which he was traveling. The car, in fact, had a active seizure order by the Justice of Quilmes, within the framework of a cause for the theft of the automobile. The police transferred the apprehended to a police station, endorsed by orders from prosecutor Cecilia Corfield of UFI 15 in La Plata, who will carry out the investigation of the case.

Although after his arrest versions circulated that the detainee was wanted for an alleged involvement in the murder of pia larreathe 2-year-old girl who died during a shooting attack at a house in the El Dique neighborhood of Ensenada, which occurred in July of last year, police and judicial sources agreed to clarify before 0221.com.ar that although rumors about his participation exist and have been investigated, until now there was no evidence that formally linked him, so he was not wanted for that reason. Instead, a requisition for a violation of house arrest was weighed on him.

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