VIDEO: A motorist turned wrong in the middle of 7th Avenue and blew up two men on a motorcycle

A motorist carried out an unusual maneuver in the middle of Avenida 7 at 47, where decided to turn left and caused an accident that could have been a tragedy. The balance was that of the two injured people, one with severe blows that forced his transfer to the San Martín Hospital.

Everything was recorded in the cameras of the Operations and Monitoring Center (COM) of the Commune, whose operators called the Emergency Medical Service (SAME) so that the emergency was attended to immediately.

The images in question are eloquent: A motorist who was traveling on 7 in the direction from Plaza Italia to Plaza San Martín suddenly decided to turn left on 47, a maneuver that is prohibited because the traffic light enables circulation on the opposite hand, just as the motorcycle that impacted did. against him.

The violence of the crash was reflected in the shocking images. Two people were traveling in the smaller vehicle, one of whom flew through the air and fell on the roof of the car.

As indicated, in addition, everything happened around 6:45 p.m., a time of high traffic for both cars and pedestrians who witnessed the dramatic scene. Police sources explained in this sense that there was a Red Cross doctor at the scene who attended the motorcycle driver due to the seriousness of the injuries and then transferred to the assistance center of 1 and 71 where fortunately he recovers favorably.

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