VIDEO: A musician from La Plata went out to celebrate Father’s Day and they ransacked his house

Four criminals were filmed after breaking into the home of a musician from La Plata during Father’s Day. The episode occurred this Sunday at noon at 30 between 39 and 40, when the victim was absent.

In this context, those involved arrived in a car, They rang the bell to make sure the place was empty, barred the door and entered. Although the alarm was activated, they acted calmly and seized three guitars, a Playstation and a large sum of money.

The security cameras of the block captured them escaping with the loot without raising any suspicion. In this context, the musician seeks to recover the guitars that, beyond being his work tools, also have an important sentimental value for him.

Anyone who finds the guitars on a buying and selling site can contact the boy through his instagram.

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