VIDEO. A “neutral” crowd dyed Santiago del Estero blue and white, despite restrictions

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Micros. cars. Combis. Planes. Despite the working day, there were many triperos who said they were present at the Madre de Ciudades because they wanted to be with Pipo’s team, despite the obstacles.

It wasn’t easy either. The indication was that the “neutrals” could not bring flags or gymnastics clothing. The provincial police strictly complied with the rule. No t-shirts, no sweats. Much less flags. Even the situation reached the extreme of paradox: at the Madre de Ciudades stadium, which has a giant statue of Diego Armando Maradona, they did not allow the entry of a flag without triperas inscriptions with the image of…Diego Armando Maradona.

From early on, the route marked the presence of buses dyed blue and white, those fans who shouted and sang almost 1,200 kilometers to accompany the Wolf, supporting this great campaign.

Tata Escobar did not want to miss the Gymnastics match / EL DIA

At the same time, Aeroparque Jorge Newbery was from early on a tripero meeting center. There, those who were on the different commercial flights crossed paths with the 110 fans who in less than 24 hours sold out the places on the charter. That 100% blue and white plane was like a bus to any stadium in Buenos Aires, but in the rest of the line flights the fans were also present singing throughout the trip, with even more emphasis when the plane landed at the Vicecomodoro Airport Aragonese Angel of Peace.

While Oscar Piris received greetings from the friendships made during the two years in which he played in the province with the colors of Mitre, Sebastián Cocimano, today on loan in Güemes, also took the opportunity to greet friends and former teammates.

Another former tripero player, “Tata” Matías Escobar -headline when Lobo fought the Apertura 2005 with Pedro Troglio as DT- also greeted old friends, but his place was in the stands: he traveled as a fan by plane from La Plata.

The members of the Capital Branch, Tommy, Clara, Ciro, Vicky, Marian, Alfredo, Justo, Clarita and Delfi, also arrived by air, renting a van to go to the María’s hotel to have a photo with Pipo and the players and then arrive to the Mother of Cities. On another flight, familiar faces were seen such as former leader Pablo Blanco, or members of the Gymnastics Strategic Plan, which tries to establish state policies for the club outside of the electoral process.

Iván and Mauro arrived from Los Hornos with Timo; Whole families came from Villa Elvira, Ringuelet and each neighborhood. With flags, like the Question of Honor that had to stay in a combi. Many waited for the match schedule in a park near the stadium. Not without some tension with the provincial police, once the bulk of the fans were inside the stage, some controls emerged, which is why blue and white t-shirts and balloons contrary to neutrality were seen.

In one way or another, some 2,500 triperos accompanied the Wolf on another night full of emotions, which served to accompany the leader of the tournament and take the opportunity to say present in a stadium as a visitor, something common until more than a decade ago. and today a rarity.


The triperos fans entered all together through the South gate, to locate themselves in the Lower Tribune behind the goal that Rodrigo Rey defended in the first half.

And although the fans were able to “smuggle” little of the usual color of the Forest, the throats were demanded to the maximum throughout the night. “We kids came out from the Forest that tripero is the neighborhood”, a hymn of the new times, gave way to historic songs that called for a tripero victory in Santiago. And there was no question of big or small. All. Together. Once again a mobilization that will remain in the history of all those who could be present.

Central Córdoba also experienced the match in a very special way. If the member paid a bonus of 800 pesos, he could bring a guest. It was also a very important game for the Ferroviario and they experienced it as such. In any case, beyond the songs from one stand to another, the characteristics of the stadium meant that there were no inconveniences between the biases.

Unlike other occasions, the fans did not have to wait hours to get to the stadium. The first to arrive only waited a couple, since the police wanted to accompany all the fans together.

Once at the stadium, the wait was very long for people from La Plata to be allowed to get off the buses, which generated more than one complaint. Once under the buses, the police accelerated the entry of the fans.

The fans of the wolf attended with t-shirts that they had to hide under divers and jackets since it was prohibited by the organization

There were not a few who wanted a photo with the giant statue of Diego Maradona, but security insisted on entry. Fernando, who came from Dolores to accompany the Wolf, had him glued to his skin with that shirt 10 of the Argentine National Team.

Maradona is an omnipresent figure in Gymnastics. Also in the Santiago stadium: the giant image of him in the form of a flag watches from one of the corners.

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