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Anna Mudra is 24 years old and is Ukrainian. Two weeks after the start of the war in her country, the young woman went to France to take shelter. For Brut, she recounts her first days.

“France changed my life completely, because here I met a very talented painter. With him, I can say that I experienced my rebirth, because he opened my eyes to real life which continues, which is beautiful.”

To leave Ukraine, Anna had to travel 5 long days and leave her family and friends behind.

“I just have my bag with me because I left Ukraine on my own. All my family, my brothers and my father, they stayed there”.

“A few days ago I was under bombardment and here there are people who are having their sandwiches and they are enjoying… And I don’t know how that is possible. They are two different realities!”

Now in France, Anna explains that she is no longer worried about her life but about that of her loved ones, especially her father. “When there’s an alarm, I talk to him in a direct way and I’m always scared.”

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