VIDEO. Another protest and street court in La Plata in front of a school: "We don’t have any glasses"

Students from the Higher Technical Training Institute No. 221, located at 9 and 38, complain about the appalling conditions in which they have to study. As revealed to this medium, they have no glass, water, heating or electricity.

In the ISFT nº221 the technical careers in Nursing and Safety and Hygiene are studied. Students, with the arrival of the cold, must attend classes in classrooms that instead of glass, have bags or cardboard.

The heating is conspicuous by its absence. “There were serious problems with the boiler, there is no water either, there is no electricity and the plugs have shorted many times,” said a student.

Marcelo, another member of the student curriculum, explained: “The bathrooms are a disaster. We are in a private institute: deprived of electricity, gas and water”. “Two years have passed since the pandemic and nothing has been solved. The managers have made the claims but we had no answers, ”he added.

Due to the lack of responses, they made the decision to cut off 9th and 38th streets. At this time, they are holding an assembly with the directors, who joined the demonstration.

The possibility will be studied, if there are no solutions, to cut traffic on 7th Street or to the School Council. During the assembly of students and authorities, the option of studying virtually until the winter holidays or resuming face-to-face in “the conditions that exist” emerged.

Finally, it was established that it will return to virtuality this week and next week a meeting will be convened for more intense measures.

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