VIDEO. Armed motochorros: violent assault on a pensioner from La Plata at the door of his house

A violent robbery in La Plata caused panic and outrage again: the victim, a retiree, was intercepted by two armed motorcycles while he was about to get into his car parked at the door of his home in the area of ​​5 and 528, in Tolosa . The terrible event was captured by one of the security cameras.

As can be seen in the images, the older adult was approached by two criminals who were traveling by motorcycle. One of them, pointing the gun, approached and surprised the victim who was entering the vehicle. Between threats and insults, the motochorro managed to get the retiree out of the car without putting up any resistance.

In a matter of seconds, the thief, accompanied by his accomplice who waited meters from the unfortunate scene, went up and tried to start the vehicle. Fortunately, despite the tremendous moment, the man did not suffer serious injuries, although he was left in shock at the verbal violence and threats he received.

It should be noted that the thieves fled and are wanted through the images broadcast by the neighbors.

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