Video: Brutal crash leaves two dead and 16 injured

Chicago.- A spectacular crash caused the death of two dead and 16 injured, including several children. A vehicle that was driving at excessive speed and in the opposite direction would have caused the chain impact of different vehicles.

The accident occurred when the Dodge Charger collided with seven vehicles while trying to speed through an intersection in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood around 5 p.m., the Chicago Tribune reported.

The Dodge, which had been reported stolen earlier that day, caught fire in the middle of the intersection, killing the two people inside.

Seven children and nine adults had to be hospitalized as a result of the accident. The conditions of the injured were fair to good as of Thursday morning, authorities said. At least 10 ambulances were called to help with the victims.

In addition to the burned Dodge, property damage includes a car that flipped over completely and many other vehicles piled on top of each other.

It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before, and I’ve seen a lot of accidents,” said Larry Merritt, spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department.

The two people inside the stolen Dodge have not yet been identified.

The Dodge is being taken to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office so the remains of the two people can be removed.

Troopers said they discovered a “long rifle type of firearm” in the smoldering wreckage. The Chicago Police Department’s Major Accident Unit is still investigating the fatal crash.

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