VIDEO.  Cinematographic chase in La Plata: he overturned and they found an arsenal in the car

VIDEO. Cinematographic chase in La Plata: he overturned and they found an arsenal in the car

The detection of a car in a suspicious situation by the Police, in the middle of a routine operation, gave rise to a cinematographic pursuit late on Friday in La Plata. As a result, a suspect overturned his car, numerous firearms were seized from him and he ended up in custody, official sources reported.

The dramatic sequence began at the corner of 19 and 34, when agents carrying out an anti-entrance control round came across a motorist who was driving in a suspicious situation aboard a Volkswagen Fox. For this reason they tried to stop him and proceed to identify him. However, the subject accelerated his march and launched into a full-speed flight down 19th Avenue. The police vehicle went after him.

The chase lasted for several minutes in which the driver carried out a series of dangerous maneuvers both for himself and for third parties. Finally, at the intersection of 19 and 85, in Altos de San Lorenzo, the subject overturned and drove the car into a ditch. There he could be reduced by the agents.

The person involved could be identified. It is about a 24-year-old man, who was traveling with a car located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Lugano. In this context, the numeraries detected that the subject was carrying numerous firearms.

They kidnapped a 9mm BERSA pistol, Thunder model, with suppressed numbering and loaded magazine with 15 ammunition; a 9 mm BROWNING pistol, with suppressed numbering and charger placed with 9 ammunition; a 22 short STAR pistol, with corresponding numbering and magazine with 5 ammunition; a 45mm COLT pistol with its respective numbering and without ammunition; a 9mm HELWAN pistol, with legal numbering and a magazine with 8 ammunition; an APPLE cell phone, model IPHONE 14 PRO, without a SIM card inserted; a SAMSUNG phone, model A04, SIM card inserted and with a valid number.

It was reported that the car was also seized. The person involved was detained at the Fourth Police Station waiting to be investigated by Justice in a case for “carrying a weapon of war, cover-up, resisting authority and active capture.”

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