Video: Cinthia Fernández closed her campaign in front of Congress, in a garter belt and a black thong

The candidate for national deputy for the UNITE party, Cinthia Fernandez, He closed his campaign before the PASO with a musical production in front of the National Congress that quickly went viral on social networks. It was a hot artistic performance, which mixed the political slogan with a provocative message and which put the end to a brief but intense proselytizing rally with one objective: to reach the National Congress and swear in as a representative of the people.

In the clip, the actress, model and panelist appears dressed in black -in the style of a tango dancer- and performs a version of the classic “Se dice de mí”, by Tita Merello. “It is said that I am hollow, that the position I do not deserve and that the ass is what I offer and I have nothing to say”Fernández sings as she rips off her skirt.

Later –in garter belt and a black thong– He anticipates that if he reaches Parliament he will fight for different problems related to family conflicts, such as delays in court to define the food quota.

spot cinthia fernandez

“Perhaps if they listened to me, they would not criticize me so much, my proposal is very clear, I will repeat it, there are laws that are in place, they are not enforced, the trials are slow, they take time to come out and while your children have to continue eating , studying and growing without suffering. The fee, ha, never comes, but no one accelerates it, if the mother waits, she cannot be like that. I go around”Continues the song.

The video, which Cinthia Fernández herself published on her Instagram account, is accompanied by a text that anticipates criticism. “I am already listening, the armed phrases like: look at the defunct, look at the troll, look at the hollow and clown who doesn’t know how to do anything else, what a generous country! the only one who knows how to do….”, Raises the candidate.

spot cinthia fernandez

Along these lines, Fernández “thanks” his critics because they are the ones who “enhance” his desire and his cause.

“They fell once more. My ass is just a hook to get your attention And you know what? In all the times I showed it, they bit and only made me stronger, me and my voice, ”he tells his critics.

The candidate has no qualms about admitting that her “ass” is nothing more than “a simple and cheap campaign strategy.” And he assures: “Showing my ass I do not pretend that they enter and vote for me, I do not underestimate the young people or the ‘wankers’. Let’s face it, no one is going to vote for you because you have a good ass.”.

spot cinthia fernandez

He also targeted the candidate of the Frente de Todos, Victoria Tolosa Paz, and his phrase about sex and enjoyment. “I do not underestimate the young people, that is left to the politicians who want to screw and they will screw you with their efforts, instead of giving a reason for them to stay and not leave this beautiful country,” he said.

During the campaign, Cinthia Fernández explained that if she is elected, she intends to focus on the problems that are addressed in the Family Commission. “I can contribute a lot of things because I live them every day,” she said in relation to her troubled relationship with her ex-partner Matías Defederico, the father of her daughters.

spot cinthia fernandez

So I celebrate showing the ASS because at least that is how it goes viral and listens to A CAUSE that few cares. And if I lose this Sunday, I hope that those who win can take care of this issue, and I make myself available in a selfless way to help it SO BE IT ”, he concluded.


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