VIDEO. Drama and tension in La Plata: a man on the street would have tried to take his own life

This Tuesday night moments of drama were experienced by a man, in a street situation, who would have tried to take his own life in the heart of La Plata. With clear “suicidal intentions”, according to official sources, the subject tried to throw himself on the moving buses and also remained seated in the middle of the track, generating tension in the traffic.

It should be noted that witnesses and spokesmen for the events indicated that the man also suffers from a mental disability, so they spoke to him at all times and tried to reassure him. Neighbors in the area alerted by the situation notified 911 and three patrol cars and an ambulance were automatically present at the corner of Diagonal 80 and 47.

The deployment was such that after almost 20 minutes, they were finally able to “convince” the man not to carry out any type of action that could harm his physical integrity. Once the officers managed to avoid what would have been a misfortune, they transferred him to the police station where they will provide containment and evaluate, together with the doctors, the steps to follow.

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