Video: Dualipa kicks Dr. Simi stuffed animal

Mexico City.- Emulating the leader of Café Tacuba, Rubén Albarrán, the English singer Dualipa expressed her displeasure at the trend of Dr. Simi kicking the famous stuffed animal during her concert in Mexico City (CDMX).

It was this Wednesday, September 21, when the British actress appeared at the Foro Sol in the capital, performing her hits and captivating almost all her fans.

And it is that Dualipa generated a moment of tension with his audience, when he kicked a stuffed animal of Dr. Simi or simply ignored him. The video is left for interpretation.

It was in 2021 when Mexicans created a trend that consists of customizing stuffed animals from the pharmaceutical company. The idea is to launch them onto the stage where their favorite artist is performing.

Without knowing the exact reason, the truth is that “tradition” became relevant during Rosalía’s visit. And it is that the singer was moved to receive several stuffed animals from Dr. Simi.

However, not all artists are sympathetic to the trend. In fact, the singer of Café Tacuba went viral after he ripped the head off a stuffed animal during one of his presentations.

Like Rubén Albarrán, the singer José Madero and ex-vocalist of Panda, caused controversy by kicking the representations of Dr. Simi in his last presentation in Tijuana.

And although it seemed that Dualipa would also disappoint his fans, he highlighted the show he presented with hits like “One Kiss” or “Break my heart”.

“We forgive her everything because she spoke in Spanish and she is perfect,” users agreed.

The video that went viral on the social platform TikTok registers 1.2 million views, 90,800 reactions and about 1,700 comments, some criticizing the attitude of the English singer.

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