VIDEO | El Flaco is excited for the Anniversary of the Monumental

On September 30, 1989 the Monumental Stadium opened its definitive doors to the public. After long years of waiting and temporary openings, the sports venue completed its works and was forever transformed into the home of Colo Colo.

Peñarol was the team invited to the party of the colocolinos. Marcelo Barticciotto and Leonel Herrera they were in charge of scoring the goals and making the dream of their own home even more exciting. From then on came a long list of triumphs and celebrations in La Ruca alba.

Obtaining the Copa Libertadores de AmericaIt is undoubtedly the milestone most remembered by all fans for being the most important sporting achievement in the history of Chilean football at the club level. However, each fan in their memories has a moment that marked them forever with the Cacique stadium.

On a new anniversary of the Cacique stadium, recorded together with Flaco, Paul Vásquez, an emotional video that recalls and projects the joys of the sports venue.

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