VIDEO. Emotional moment in La Plata: he proposed to her at the “Banana” Pueyrredon recital

A beautiful and emotional love story was lived in the last hours in La Plata: during a recital given by César “Banana” Pueyrredon, a couple in love stole all eyes before a surprising marriage proposal that moved more than one of them. the people that is here.

The event occurred in our city, in a show given by the renowned “Banana” Pueyrredon, who was an accomplice in this moment of love before singing the song knowing you. “I’m going to dedicate it to someone who is here in the room, his name is Javier and he asked me to dedicate it especially to Liliana,” said the singer before the boyfriend spoke to his partner.

At that moment, the cell phones took all the attention to what was happening with Liliana and Javier, who with applause and tears in his eyes, knelt down and asked her to marry him. “Yes, I want”, was the answer of the woman who between tears and laughter, she was very excited.

In contact with EL DIA, Lili revealed that the proposal came after 13 years as a couple and that both went through difficult times and, with love and unconditionality, were able to overcome all adversity. “We are an assembled couple that has been paddling together, we went through a flood, a pandemic and not very nice past relationships,” she said.

The nice gesture culminated with the ring in hand and the congratulations of César Pueyrredon himself.

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