Video: Escort of ‘grandparents’ falls in love with the network


Although the escort was organized for Independence Day, these days it accumulates millions of views


Thursday, November 25, 2021 | 15:15

Mexico City.- A couple of months after the celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day, a group of older adults in a nursing home has gone around the country and other parts of the world celebrating September 16.

It was an asylum worker who shared on social networks the video of the group of grandparents walking through the patio of their home accompanying the flag as a traditional escort.

Almost immediately, thousands of Internet users reacted to the material, accumulating more than 6 million views today.

“All the good that they do for these people is going to return them because not all of them love their grandparents,” said a young woman who recognized the work of the male and female nurses who work in the space for senior citizens.

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