[Video evaluation]MARSHALL Motif ANC: A true wireless headset with active noise reduction that supports equalizer settings

In recent years, the popularity of wireless earphones and wireless charging has made the wireless world closer and closer to us. Apple, Huawei, OPPO and other companies have launched their own true wireless headsets. Not long ago, the British classic speaker brand Marshall released a true wireless active noise canceling headset Motif ANC, and Motif Technology also got hands on this machine for the first time.

This headset weighs nearly 44g with the charging box as a whole, which is lighter than AirPods. The design style is very distinctive. Different from the glossy material of most true wireless earphones on the market, it uses a black polycarbonate embossed lychee texture design, and the front opening and closing are matched with Marshall’s classic white font and the speaker grill design. , Even the only button is the same as the button design of its audio products, and the overall design continues Marshall’s unique style.

Open Motif ANC, you will find that you can easily control the earbuds by simply touching the main area of ​​the headset, and control audio playback and answer calls more easily in a “quick operation” way. Built-in dual microphones ensure clear voice transmission. Motif ANC is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, which can be connected to your device stably. The ear detection sensor can automatically pause or play music according to the wearing condition of the headset.

Motif ANC has “active noise reduction mode” and “transparency mode”, which can be touched and adjusted according to actual needs. It can be used with three pairs of earplugs of different sizes as a gift, making it more secure to wear. After fitting and comfortable, the headset has a passive noise reduction function.

“Active noise reduction” seems to have become a standard feature of true wireless Bluetooth headsets. In the actual experience, Motif ANC’s “active noise reduction” can also be used. It can show better denoising performance in scenes with regular noises such as common “car flow”, “human voice”, and “water flow sound”. But in the actual experience, the more eye-catching effect is the customized choice of Motif ANC “transparent mode”. When passing a certain construction section, the author adjusts Motif ANC from “active noise reduction” mode to “transparent mode”. The “car whistle” and “alarm sound effects” in the external environment can be further highlighted. Such a special use scenario can help users cope with emergencies and is an excellent partner for travel.

Among them, the touch adjustment setting can also switch songs. After setting it according to personal preferences, you can touch it with your fingers and call related custom function options more quickly. It is worth mentioning that the headset also supports equalizer settings, which can be adjusted in the Marshall Bluetooth app, allowing you to control the music preferences you want. This is also a feature that ordinary true wireless headsets do not have. It avoids the homogeneous competition after the proliferation of true wireless earphone products, and it comes from the detailed insight into the needs of music lovers for more than half a century.

Wearing Motif ANC to listen to music, you will find that the vocals in the song are still relatively clear and sweet, but overall, drums and other concerts with a strong sense of rhythm are more suitable for this pair of headphones. This may be from Marshall, a rock sound brand. Inheritance.

There is no doubt about battery life. Motif ANC can provide powerful and loud music for several hours. A fully-charged headset can provide 20 hours of wireless battery life when active noise reduction is turned on, and 26 hours of wireless battery life can be achieved even if “active noise reduction” is turned off. Each earplug provides 4.5 hours of power when active noise reduction is turned on, and 6 hours of battery life when active noise reduction is turned off, and the charging box can replenish additional power at any time. Just put the headset in the charging case and charge for 15 minutes to play for 1 hour.

On the whole, as true wireless earphones are popular and increasingly becoming the portable earphone devices of choice for consumers to go out, Motif ANC is sturdy and slim, and inherits Marshall’s consistent music quality. Strong battery life, not only suitable for commuting, it is equipped with IPX5 waterproof earplugs, IPX4 waterproof and scratch-resistant portable charging case, which is convenient for use during travel. Therefore, for consumers who need music quality and streamlined usage habits, Motif ANC can be a good choice.

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