Video Game Generation: the authors of JV magazine are campaigning for their next book

On the menu, a 300-page book focusing on the PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 / Wii generation, the rise of independent gaming, the Third Person Shooter trend, the Call of Duty phenomenon and democratization. consumer gaming and motion gaming. On the video game side, we will talk about Resident Evil 4 as well as Shadow of the Colossus, Gears of War and Okami, Uncharted and World of Warcraft, without forgetting Braid, Bioshock or Crysis.“, explains the writing of JV, which one can help by making the donation of his choice on Ulule.

The amount requested during this campaign corresponds to the cost of the various stages of production of the book, which ranges from the remuneration of the employees to the dispatch of the parcels through the printer’s invoice. The authors do not refrain from dreaming and reaching a level of 50,000 euros. In which case : “each person who has financed the project with a minimum of €40 will receive a collector’s bookmark as well as an ex-libris autographed by the authors of the book. For those who have paid at least €50, a digital version of the book will be offered. Finally, the members of the editorial staff undertake to record a regular podcast to show you behind the scenes of the creation of the book, month after month, until its delivery.“, can we read.

Remember that before having revisited the 2000s, the editorial staff of the monthly launched in 2013 had released Video Game Generation: 80s (now out of print) then retraced the 90s in two volumes with authors like Sylvain “Hoopy” Tastet, Patrick “Cinemaware” Hellio and Pierre “Killy” Maugein, whose names will no doubt evoke something for Gamekult regulars. While waiting for the release of the youngest in December 2023, these impeccable books can still be ordered on the JV website.

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