VIDEO. He is a student at a special school in La Plata, he distilled talent in a drawing exhibition

Leandro Bustos is 19 years old, lives in San Carlos and for more than a decade has attended Special School No. 524 in that locality in La Plata. He is passionate about drawing and for a few days, thanks to the management of the school institution and the Julio López de Los Hornos Cultural Center, an exhibition of his works has been held that has amazed his teachers, classmates and the neighbors who they approached the community space of 137 and 64.

Leandro is not a professional cartoonist and he has a lot to explore and learn. But those who know him well highlighted his impressive talent for drawing. The great difficulty in his progress is the economic situation of his family: his parents walk the streets of the city collecting cardboard and sometimes he lacks some materials to draw. Despite his humble origins, Leandro manages with a few colored pencils and paper to do what he is most passionate about. The wish of him and the people around him is that he can continue to explore and learn in relation to his art.

While the exhibition is taking place, his father Pedro told EL DIA that “he is very enthusiastic about what he did, he has been doing very good work because he is very passionate.” “He likes it a lot and has the special talent that he sees something and draws it right away, especially cars. He replicates them without a ruler or anything, he does everything by hand. It would be very nice if he could continue in what he likes. It seems that now he will be able to continue in a course,” he said.

From the CC Julio López they told this medium that “Leandro’s exhibition was held for Spring Day and will be exhibited until October 10.” “From school they told us about him and we thought it was important to add him. He came to the exhibition with his classmates, he brought about 20 works that he did in a week. What he draws is impressive.”

“He is not one to talk much and that day he was chatting with people about his works. Life has to give him an opportunity because they have a talent that is great. That he continues to study and be accompanied is important. We are very moved by him and his drawings “, they expressed.

Most of the drawings that Leandro presented in the exhibition are of old cars – and others not so much. that he remembers seeing on the street. And he amazed with a drawing of the La Plata Train Station, where he was only once.

The authorities of Special School No. 524 highlighted that the exhibition was visited “by a lot of students who were not coming to school, who stopped coming due to the pandemic, and thanks to this event a lot of students were reconnected.”

“Teachers, assistants and parents also attended. Leandro was happy, he talks with people and looks at them, he has a fanaticism for old cars. We are seeing where we can get a course so that he can deepen his activity,” they pointed out.

From the school they were happy with Leandro’s progress from the sample. “Over time, he learned to come to school alone despite his disability. He draws very well and is somewhat shy. He bonds more with classmates and teachers he has known for a long time, not so much with the newer ones. And the show He served a lot, his teammates accompanied him and he received everything very well. It is one more step for him and it would be important for him to continue with his passion, which is drawing,” they pointed out.

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