VIDEO: “I’m not looking for results”, the rap of the tripero from La Loma that went viral

The Professional Football League is approaching the final stretch and Gymnastics continues to fight for the title. In that setting, a fan launched a rap for the wolf and his fans and went viral on social networks.

It’s about the song “We are from Gymnastics” of the artist from La Loma “El NiGGo”, who a few weeks ago released a video clip with his work and in the last few hours -in the run-up to the match against Central Córdoba- it was taken by the fans who shared it on their accounts. In the images, the protagonist appears singing surrounded by shirts, flags and murals of the mens sana team.

“I think differently from all my people, I don’t look for results, I always go to the front”says the song, and adds: “They are sacred throats, beating hearts, I sink into that forest with all my people”.

In a part of the rap, the singer remarks: “We are always ready with latent action, we are from Gymnastics more precisely, we make earthquakes seismographs don’t lie”, and adds in one of his rhymes: “In endurance and in encouragement we were always the first. I am calm my name is Niggo I am a tripero from La Loma I follow my faithful Wolf, accompanied everywhere by the most partying band that you have ever come across in your life”.

The song closes: “Effervescent and in love with a blue and white that we follow everywhere”. In this way, the lyrics talk about the unconditional love for the club and reflect the love of the Gimnasia fan for the club.

The song began to gain relevance in the networks in the run-up to the key meeting that Lobo will have to face tonight if he wants to continue leading the championship. The team led by Nestor Pipo Gorosito will face Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero and will seek to win the three points to continue at the top of the tournament.

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