Video: INE declares it inadmissible to lower the PAN spot on inflation

The Complaints and Denunciations Commission of the National Electoral Institute (INE) determined that Morena’s request to suspend a PAN spot related to the increase in the prices of basic basket products was inadmissible.

Counselors Adriana Favela, Claudia Zavala and Ciro Murayama concluded that there is no slanderous information in the video where a commercial for a self-service store is simulated with the name and color of the icing on the cake.

In this sense, they pointed out that the spot is part of the public debate derived from the increase in inflation and is protected by freedom of expression.

Councilor Adriana Favela, president of the Complaints and Denunciations Commission, said that, although the criticism may be shocking or uncomfortable, there is no accusation of false facts or crimes against Morena.

While Murayama Rendón said that the INE cannot prevent criticism, nor become a censor of public debate.

Morena accuses that spot damages the image of the 4T

In the promotional, a comparison is made of the increase that various products have had, such as the kilo of sugar, which went from 15 to 27 pesos, or the kilo of eggs, which went from 28 to 42 pesos.

From her perspective, Morena accused that the material contains false and slanderous accusations that seek to misinform the public.

For this reason, they requested to lower said spot, assuring that it seeks to affect their image and that of the Federal Government.

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