VIDEO. Intractable wolf: he won again and is the only shooting guard in the championship

Gymnastics got another triumph in the Forest. Another one, in this campaign that wants to change the qualifier from “good” to “great”. It was a night to enjoy, for the fans to celebrate at the end with Nicolás Contín’s goal the closing of a very tough game against a qualified rival, who plays much more than what the table of averages says.

How to stop the triperío before another victory that gives them every right to get excited about a team that got third, that got one point behind the leader Atlético Tucumán, that is strong in the Copa Libertadores area of ​​the annual table? The fan is excited and he’s right, beyond Pipo Gorosito’s neo “Step by Step”.

Happy faces on the gymnastics players after the victory over El Tomba / Dolores Ripoll

The Wolf cemented the 2-0 in the collective effort, with Leonardo Morales at a superlative level added to the security of a goalkeeper “gain points” like Rodrigo Rey. From that solidity of which the entire defensive system is part of a solid and supportive gear, which allows a leg, a head, someone who lends one more hand to defend. And from the middle forward, from Brahian Alemán, the lapses in the game of this team are explained, which in the second half justified the victory that with great effort began to build from scratch in their own goal until the excited cry of the “Tanque” in the final.

Intense match from the beginning in which Gymnastics tried to suffocate the Mendoza team. With back and forth in the game, the locals warned with a good combination between Brahian Alemán and Lautaro Chávez that ended in a dangerous goalkeeper by Nicolás Colazo that Pier Barrios managed to clear with effort.

In any case, Godoy Cruz was dangerous in the quick transitions from midfield, with Martín Ojeda and Ezequiel Bullaude finding spaces and forcing the triple defenders to maximum concentration.

In those first minutes with a lot of mobility, Lautaro Chávez always showed himself as a passing option for a team that tried to hurt from the sides. Tomba remained in a more counterattacking position, although almost without the participation of Salomón Rodríguez, his offensive reference.

Leonardo Morales is the standard-bearer of the defensive solidity of a tough, fast-paced and supportive team

The Uruguayan Alemán tried from afar and his shot went very high, at a plateau moment in the game. Intense, electric, but almost without arrivals was the party averaging the first half. Well, anyway.

From a still ball, Gianluca Ferrari was dangerous, but the action of the Tombino defender did not prosper because he was unable to hit the ball well, although it passed near Rey’s right post. At 28 minutes Franco Soldano had the clearest with a header -almost bending down to anticipate- that he hit the crossbar after a good overflow by Nicolás Colazo. El Lobo, more ambitious, forced his central defenders Morales and Guiffrey to be very attentive, scoring with a lot of field behind them.

The tripera defense capsized when Godoy Cruz moved the ball from Ezequiel Bullaude and Barrios’ center from the right cleared it to a corner kick from Brahian Alemán. The Mendoza team showed their danger when they took the ball from Gymnastics for a few minutes, after the first 35 minutes of play. And the Tomba was clear to handle the ball at the rhythm of Ojeda.

In a good match against Gimnasia he went deep with a fair pass from Eric Ramírez to Ramón Sosa that the Paraguayan wanted to define with his left foot above the goalkeeper. The “Russian” Rodríguez guessed his intention and kept the ball. It was a very clear opportunity for the local. Franco Soldano also tried from a distance and his shot went wide. It was a good first half for the striker, perhaps his best since he arrived at the club.

The end of the first half with the score at zero left many doors open for the second half, since it was a dynamic game with a lot of back and forth that the few risky actions on goal did not do justice. This Gimnasia-Godoy Cruz was far from the typical nondescript matches to which the Professional Football League (Badly) got us used to.

The complement began with the same characteristics as the first half, with a lot of intensity but without clarity in the resolution of the plays. Lautaro Chávez had a good diagonal from the right to the middle and his shot did not go that far. In that play, Chávez was stepped on by Andrada and for that action he had to be replaced by Benjamín Domínguez. The visit had a very clear one with Bullaude hand in hand that Rey managed to divert to the corner.

Contín’s goal unleashed madness in the Forest, which enjoyed the joy of old times

When in the game little went beyond Gimnasia’s push, in a Chilean that Ramírez rehearsed, Ferrari put his hand in an open and unnatural position. Judge Rey Hilfer did not hesitate, he scored the point of the penalty and Alemán changed it for a goal with a dry and low left foot. Partial victory for the Tripero who began to carry out a very cool game.

I am looking for Ojeda and Rey controlled in two times. Benjamín Domínguez became an attacking option from the left with his characteristic dribbling that was difficult to decipher beyond his mistakes.

A very good action by Enrique ended with Sosa’s overflow from the right and Eric Ramírez missed the second goal. Once again Ojeda tested Rey in one of the few chances of the visit. To take care of what was achieved, Cecchini entered for Soldano and almost immediately a good combination of Sosa and Benjamín ended with a high shot by Cecchini

Colazo won a ball and broke Diego Rodríguez’s hands. Near the end Contín entered, who fought a ball that was long for Benjamín Domínguez And in the discount he lost and Benjamín won, extended and left Alemán alone on the left and after the center the Tank Contín pushed it for 2 to 0 Absolute madness in the Forest, with the triperío that once again enjoyed the joy of old times.

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