Video: Martha Higareda confused “Canelo” with a narco

In an interview that the actress Martha Higareda granted to Yordi Rosado, she narrated that on one occasion she met the Mexican boseador Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez on a flight and when he approached her to ask for a photograph, she thought he was a drug trafficker.

This is how the artist told it, who now laughs at the anecdote, but who really thought that Saúl was a drug dealer, because according to her it is what she imagined when she saw the security team that accompanied the athlete.

In the interview with Yordi Rosado, Martha Higareda said that she took it on a trip to Los Angeles, California.

“And (he had) an accent like a norteño, but no, a little and I said: gosh, could it be that they are drug dealers?” he said.

She then recounted that she was scared the moment they approached her at the airport entrance.

“I got on the plane, I sat down, and next to me came the redhead and I was a chin, he touched me with the narco,” Higareda narrated.

Remember that the ship they were traveling in had technical problems and in fact had to travel to the city of Tijuana as an emergency.

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