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Boca became the first finalist in the Professional League Cup by beating Racing 6-5 in definition with shots from the penalty spot after drawing 0-0 in 90 minutes at Lanús. The next opponent of the Ribera team, in the final of the tournament, will emerge from the meeting in charge of Argentinos and Tigre, who will meet today at the Huracán stadium.

Racing was far superior to Boca and had several opportunities that their players could not convert into a goal and in the penalty shootout, for the Xeneize team Marcos Rojo, Carlos Izquierdoz, Guillermo (“Pol”) Fernández, Darío Benedetto, Sebastián Villa and Alan Varela; while the goalkeeper Gastón (“Chila”) Gómez saved the shot executed by Eduardo Salvio.

For the Academy, meanwhile, Gonzalo Piovi, Edwin Cardona, Tomás Chancalay, Carlos Alcaraz and Joaquín Correa scored; Agustín Rossi stopped Enzo Copetti’s shot and Emiliano Insúa shot wide.

The match, considered an advanced final, considering the surprising eliminations of River and Students, also candidates for the title, in the quarterfinals, did not reach the relief imagined in advance by the immediate background of Boca and Racing, although the cast of Avellaneda, Despite having dominated most of the time and having chances, he was not fine in the definition and ended up giving up his hope of being champion against a Boca that did not find a way to kick with certain possibilities on goal, but that in penalties He was very solid again.

In the first part, Avellaneda’s team went out to play with all the lights on and found a riv who was “numb”. The pressure was high, to the point that in the first minutes Copetti starred in “a few comedy steps” with Rossi, hitting him every time the goalkeeper wanted to go out with a long serve, so that he had to stay inside the area.

The Academy showed its great moment and Sebastián Battaglia’s team once again embodied that bland team without ideas for which the coach was questioned and observed by the leaders until a couple of weeks ago.

After converting, Villa made a gesture to the people of Racing and Cardona apologized to the people of Boca

The first 45 minutes were all Racing, with Matías Rojas standing comfortably behind Guillermo (“Pol”) Fernández and Varela. Until he left because of a blow and Correa entered. The Paraguayan midfielder along with Alcaraz were the conductors of an “orchestra” that only went out of tune when defining in the final meters of the pitch.

Chancalay had the goal three times: on one occasion only against Rossi he kicked wide, another with a shot that hit the goalkeeper’s right post and another that grazed the net. Alcaraz also had it twice without markings against the Boca goalkeeper.

His adversary couldn’t get a foot back, defensively, he had no presence in the middle and up top Benedetto was lost and Villa out of tune and off.

At times the match became frictionless and fought, with a lot of “action” from the players, and the first half ended with five warnings.

In the second half, Correa positioned himself well in the center forward position and Copetti went on the side defended by Fabra, while in Boca “Pol” Fernández he went down a few meters so that his team had a good start in controlling the ball.

After a start with greater commitment from Boca, Fernando Gago’s team was channeling the game and that could be seen in the 18th minute, when Piovi put a remarkable cross to the edge of the small area and Alcaraz headed very badly, missing the first .

Leonel (“Lolo”) Miranda was in charge of fulfilling the role of organizer of the Racing movements before the departure of Rojas. And so the second half repeated the script of the first, with an albiceleste cast that was a clear dominator and that generated the best chances.

Boca, although it recovered some spirit, continued to be inferior and fell in love with the possibility of reaching penalties through a scoreless draw.

The attacks in charge of the formation arranged by Fernando Gago had less and less depth and as the answers of the Sebastián Battaglia formation continued without finding the way imagined in the previous one, the “early final” ended goalless and with the framework of a Stadium filled with fans of both clubs, the tiebreaker was reached with shipments from the penalty spot.

In that instance, Rossi was once again a figure in saving Copetti’s penalty, one of Racing’s best players, who chose the goalkeeper’s left hand stick, and later Insúa completed the academic disgrace. Varela did not fail and Boca celebrated the move to a new final in Argentine football.

All the hugs are for Agustín Rossi, once again decisive in the definition by penalties / Fotobaires

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