Video: Post Malone suffers a hard fall from the stage in the middle of the concert

Mexico City.- The American rapper Post Malone suffered a fall on stage while performing one of his songs during his presentation this Saturday at the Enterprise Center, in the city of San Luis (USA), hitting his ribs hard, forcing him to finish the concert earlier than planned, picks up the AP agency.

As seen in the videos circulating on social networks, the artist was walking on stage greeting the spectators when he fell into a hole. After the accident, the presentation was interrupted for several minutes while the musician received medical attention.

After a few minutes, Malone returned to the stage with clear signs of pain and performed a few more songs before ending the show, not without apologizing multiple times to the audience for what happened.

“I just want to apologize to everyone in St. Louis. […] [la caída] It affected me quite a bit. The next time he’s here we’re going to do a two-hour ‘show’, so we can make up for the couple of lost songs,” the rapper commented in a video shared on Twitter, in which he assures that he is fine and that he only required of painkillers after the hard blow.

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