(VIDEO) Post Malone suffers a spectacular fall and injures his ribs

Post Malone caused great concern among his fans due to the spectacular fall he had in the middle of the concert this weekend and for which he was taken to a hospital, as he suffered a strong injury to his ribs due to the impact on the edge of the opening on the scenery.

The 27-year-old singer performed on Saturday, September 17 at the Enterprise Center in Missouri, United States, although everything was going well during the concert, it was when he approached the fans that he did not notice the unevenness behind him and fell hitting his torso against the edge.

According to what was pointed out by some present to TMZ, the rapper could not control the tremor in one of his legs after the intense fall, so he remained lying on the stage and screamed in pain while placing his hands at the height of the ribs. until the medical service arrived to treat him.

After just over 10 minutes it took to recover, Post Malone decided to return to the stage to end the show and that’s how he said goodbye to his fans with “Rockstar” and “Cooped Up”, all before being rushed to a hospital as the pain in his ribs was still evident.

Post Malone sends message
Austin Richard Post, as is the rapper’s full name, shared a message through his social networks from the hospital in which he apologized to his fans for the interruption during the concert and assured that he will be rewarded.

He assured that he is in good health and will take a few days to recover before his next presentation. He explained that the incident was the result of carelessness on his part since he knew the scenario perfectly and did not remember at that time the difference in height from which he suffered his fall.

The images of his fall immediately went viral on social networks, in some of them you can see how the composer also leaves the stage after the fall helped by the emergency service and with an oxygen tank, since the impact would have caused I lost my breath for a few moments.

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