Video: Senator from PAN jumps to Morena

Mexico City.- In the middle of the route for the analysis in plenary session of the reform that would expand the presence of the Army in the streets, Senator Raúl Paz abruptly left the PAN bench to jump to Morena’s.

Paz appeared this afternoon in a video next to the national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, who welcomed the Yucatecan.

The PAN members have taken it for granted that the ruling party will offer their former co-religionist the candidacy for the Government of Yucatan.

Senator Raúl Paz will be appointed national liaison commissioner with the business sector of Morena, with the aim of having a close relationship and dialogue with the country’s businessmen and will have the task of publicizing the progress that the President has achieved Andrés Manuel López Obrador in economic matters.

Morena would now have 61 seats in the Senate, while Acción Nacional would keep 20 seats.

The coordinator of the PAN caucus, Julen Rementería del Puerto, affirmed that neither he nor his co-religionists knew of the steps that Paz would take, who in fact signed the document with which the group advanced its vote against the reform to the fifth constitutional transitory .

“It was an absolute surprise, for me and for all the companions”, clarified the jarocho senator.

“It is obvious that Morena is getting one more vote. But the government bloc has 75 and if we count it on that side, it would be 76, but in a vote of 128 they need 86. We would still be ten away, but it is not seen where could the vote change?

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