Video: Silvia Pinal cancels function due to health problems

Fernanda Palacios / Reform

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 | 23:14

Fears about the participation of Silvia Pinal, 90, in the staging Little Red Riding Hood: ¡Qué Onda Con Tu Abuelita! became a reality this Wednesday after the star canceled her participation due to health problems.

After several speculations, the producer of the work, Ivan Cochegrus, clarified, hours after the end of the work, that the Diva of the Mexican Golden Cinema had a urinary infection and that her pressure rose to 180 (when the normal is 120).

“We first thought of trying to stabilize with medication and his GP moved in immediately and that was part of the excitement,” Cochegrus shared.

The producer related his concern due to negative comments that have come out in various media, which have questioned whether or not he should star in a play at his age or if his participation was allegedly an economic agreement between his son, Luis Enrique Guzmán, and the producer.

In a good mood, although tired, the first actress was escorted in a van when she left the New Silvia Pinal Theater; However, she did not make any statements and did not make an appearance on the red carpet or during the staging.

Around 9:05 p.m., the actor and director Carlos Ignacio, characterized as the Big Bad Wolf, extinguished the illusions of the attendees who longed to see Pinal.

The first information, before starting the show, was that the pressure on the actress had been lowered and she was authorized to act and reported that Norma Lazareno would replace her.

Artists such as Eric del Castillo, Laura Zapata, Gaby Goldsmith, Marcos Valdés, Latin Lover, Cositas and Mike Biaggio paraded on the carpet and applauded that she is still active.

“I am very pleased that she has been encouraged to present this work, because it does say a lot about her health, her spirit as she has always been. It is her effort that must be applauded and not criticized.

“I don’t believe anything they have said, I know Carlos Ignacio, the director, very well, he has been rehearsing with her and he tells me that she is in perfect health and that she is also very spirited and happy,” said Del Castillo.

At the moment, Pinal’s health status was reported as stable and it was announced that he would return to work this Sunday.

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