VIDEO. Students and a triumph to close the semester in a big way

Students did what they had to do and got what they went to look for in Brazil. Without shining, but leaving in the past what happened against Argentinos Júniors for the local competition, Pincha defeated Red Bull Bragantino 1-0, managed to keep the 1st in their group and also secured their second win in the history of the Cup Libertadores in Brazilian lands after that remembered 2-1 against Cruzeiro at the end of the contest in 2009.

Gustavo Del Prete, with a great individual maneuver after a fortuitous rebound, put the entire local defense to sleep, including the goalkeeper, for a goal that would be decisive in the second half.

In the first half, Estudiantes had shown a recovery with respect to the last game against Argentinos: the game was based on their rhythm, on their proposal and always left the feeling that when they took advantage of a mistake they would not forgive. It was the closest thing to the Estudiantes of the first months of the year, but of course, with one thing that differentiated it and it was not minor: it had two or three situations to bill and could not do it,

All the hugs are for Gustavo Del Prete, who defined the match in Brazil / Fotobaires

What happened? Why couldn’t they go 1-0 up? Undoubtedly, he does not have the confidence of other times and there are players with a somewhat low level, such as Leandro Díaz who did not know how to resolve inside the area, nor did Gustavo Del Prete. At the same time, he was unable to take advantage of the stopped ball and on the right Leo Godoy’s few climbs did not end with success.

Beyond this criticism, Pincha had good passages, which with the pressure of his forwards made the centrals, the full-backs, mainly José Hurtado (on the right) and his goalkeeper Cleiton, commit a dozen errors in the systematic system of leaving with the ball dominated from the back of the court. Manuel Castro could have managed in the 7th minute, or Pellegrini and Leandro Díaz at the end could end one of those detailed situations with a goal.

Bragantino in that first half showed a judicious intention to carry the ball, good combinations of inside play and Arthur’s always dangerous rise from the right, which kept Emmanuel Más at bay. The same thing happened with Hélio Júnior, who prevented Godoy from going up so much on the right.

He won for the second time on Brazilian soil and took first place in Group C

There was, in that first half, no real risk situation for Mariano Andújar’s goal, which responded as well as his central defenders when the game arrived by air highway. It was acceptable what was done by Estudiantes, who forgave a bit but recovered control of the match, which is not a little after what they experienced last week.

In the addon the game started the same way. From the outset, Del Prete had a chance with a shot from outside the area, but Cleiton saved. And Matías Pellegrini also warned inside the area. But the local began to hurt against and even his DT Barbieri changed to right back Hurtado Cheme and brought in Bruno Praxedes to improve the internal game. Even so, he could not break the defensive solidity of Zielinski’s men, who if they did the script well, they could take the point they needed to secure first place. But of course, he couldn’t make mistakes because Bragantino showed quick players from midfield forward.

This is how the match preview was lived:

Zielinski decided to change two players but never moved from 4-4-2. Inside Mauro Boselli and Franco Zapiola for a Leandro Díaz who had done a good job without the ball but little else. Pellegrini was one of Pincha’s best. El Loco, in addition, was reprimanded by delaying his departure, a sign that his future may be in Students in the second semester despite rumors of a possible sale. At a minimum, he showed that his head is to continue.

In that round trip, which always continued to show the visitor more firm and convinced of what he was looking for on the field, a play came that could be the summary of the night. Once again, Bragantino’s defense showed problems in rejecting a ball from the area, after the first sharp ball that fell inside the Cleiton area and after an assist from Manuel Castro, Gustavo Del Prete’s goal came, rather, a great goal from Chilean to leave the goalkeeper without a chance, break the goal and put the game 1-0. This time yes, he did not miss the opportunity and yes, he was more Students than ever to start taking the game to where it was most convenient for him. And to begin to ensure the objective that he had gone to Brazil to seek: to secure first place in the area and, incidentally, be one of the best first for the future.

With the victory, he reached 13 points and will now close with Vélez next week in Liniers

Then the place went to the front like a black fence. He attacked from all sides, released his midfielders and sides and filled the center area, somewhat desperate but that hurt like the one that ended with a header from Leonardo that hit Andújar’s right post, or Arthur’s shot that passed nearby , very close to the crossbar when the game had a few minutes left.

The last moments were dramatic for Estudiantes, in which they had to withstand the advances of a local that was more desperate than football. The ideas did not spare a Bragantino who was left without wings, and despite trying, moved by desperation, he never managed to break an attentive and always well placed Pincha.

On another of those Cup nights, the Lion wrote a new important page in his history. He defeated the Brazilians away from home for the second time, leaving behind the elimination against Bicho by the Professional League Cup, and now he focuses on what will come, including the transfer market, before thinking about the round of 16 of a tournament that has it among the best 16.

Special envoy to Brazil

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