VIDEO. The motorcycles that dragged a young woman in La Plata had stolen the motorcycle hours before

As reported by EL DIA, a young woman was the victim of the violent actions of two motorcycles in La Plata, who did not care about the proximity of the police station to rob her and violently drag her across the floor. “I was sending my location at the time and when I looked up I already had them next to me,” she had told

And in the last few hours, the owner of the motorcycle that the criminals used to commit said assault appeared. It turns out that the vehicle with which they committed the violent robbery had been stolen 24 hours before in 70 between 19 and 20. “That motorcycle is mine, it was stolen from me on Saturday and it has been reported”said the victim.

And he also added: “On Sunday a neighbor of 90 and 24 bis told me that he recognized from the videos that appeared in the news since I was publishing in the groups of La Plata and he also saw him in the neighborhood with the motorcycle.”

The woman showed her indignation and hopes that “justice will take action on the matter”, since she pointed out that it is known who the thief who has her motorcycle and who also later dragged the girl in 43 between 16 and 17.

“I got tired of calling where I made the complaint, which was at the Fifth Police Station, but nobody gives me an answer, not even with the videos,” he said.

The video of the robbery where they drag a young woman

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