VIDEO. The robberies of gas meters continue: this is how they act while the people of La Plata sleep

Insecurity continues to hit the residents of the City and in recent weeks thefts from gas meters have increased, generating concern and indignation.

As it was known, in the case of the elements of the gas meter, it is speculated that they are part of the robberies for the subsequent sale by weight of these materials in junkyards and other similar places. It is a scourge that not only affects gas service, but also has an impact on electricity, water, and cable service companies, among others.

In this framework, frontists from the area of ​​12 between 526 and 527 sent EL DIA the record of a robbery reported on Friday night, where two subjects – who passed with a cart – are seen acting in a few seconds. The incident was filmed on one of the security cameras.

In the Camuzzi company they indicated that it is a situation that is observed in several areas: La Plata, Bahía Blanca, Mar del Plata and Olavarría, among others.

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