VIDEO: They beat and assaulted a group of boys at the exit of a school in La Plata

The concern continues in the educational community of the ovensbecause the large number of criminal acts that the students who attend the Industrial Technical School No. 3 have been suffering. Days ago, reported the problem that occurs in the vicinity of the establishment, which points to a group of boys who study at the Commercial School and who act under the modality of piranha robbery.

In the last hours, a video emerged through the networks in which the actions of those involved are seen. “Today it was my son and his classmates’ turn. They were robbed and beaten. It has already happened several times with this gang of boys who, apparently, are from Commercial No. 3 of Los Hornos. You cannot file a complaint, the schools they can not do anything”explained a mother.

“All the boys are afraid of getting in trouble, but they know the names of each one of them. The authorities were treating several parents because it is something that has been happening for 20 days, the truth is that there are many robberies “he told the father of a student who attends school from 63 between 139 and 140.

In that sense, he stated that the boys have identified the suspects but he lamented because the school authorities “can’t do anything.” “It’s a story between the Commercial and the Industrial. They can’t do much because it’s something that happens outside the school. As an institution, they can accompany in case all the boys who suffered robberies make the complaint,” she commented. And I add: “What can be achieved with this is that a prosecutor requests the file and can achieve a perimeter”.

The striking thing about the situation is that several parents said that while they were talking with the authorities, they saw the action of this gang that has the tranquility of the educational community of Technical School No. 3 in check. “They always behave the same. They choose the youngest and beat them up. That’s how they steal cell phones, backpacks and any valuable object”he stated.

The truth is that both the boys and the parents are afraid every time they leave the establishment and ask the authorities to take action on the matter so that the situation does not escalate.

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