VIDEO. “They beat me and threatened me if she told the teacher”: serious complaint from a 10-year-old student from La Plata

Karina is ten years old and, at the time when she has to deal with playing, having fun and enjoying the school stage, she finds herself being mistreated and beaten by her classmates. She attends the Güemes school nº26 of 207 and 516, in Abasto and her mother, tired of hearing her cry, seeks that her case does not remain in nothing.

The climax came this Friday, when the girl left school crying because she had been beaten. However, this has been happening for five years and the attacks are increasing, so Laura Balbuena decided to give visibility to the case of her daughter.

In the words of the ten-year-old girl, the anguish is evident: “I’ve been beaten for five years and I don’t know why”. Many times she kept her sadness quiet and returned to her house in silence because “Two classmates threatened to hit me”.

“We have no choice but to do this so that what is happening can be seen and it is not left in nothing,” revealed Laura. According to her account, she has already had talks with the directors and with the parents of the students involved, but “for the grown-ups they are things for boys or falls.”

This situation of bullying that Karina experiences leads her to not want to go to school. Consequently, her mother does not feel safe when she drops her off at school: “sometimes I don’t send her because it is the only time I am calm and I know they won’t hit her”.

In the last few hours, the directors of the educational institution contacted her to inform her that they had spoken with the parents of the classmates in order to “work on the case.” Her only goal is for her daughter to feel safe going to school and for her to study in peace.

repeated attacks

Karina’s mother explained that before the pandemic, her daughter arrived at school beaten to the point of returning from work and finding her with body aches. “The girl tells me that they cut her hair, they push her, they say things to her and out of fear she doesn’t say anything,” added Laura.

As she stated, Karina repeatedly stated that she wanted to dye or cut her hair and her mother did not understand the reason: “later I found out that it was because they pulled her hair or called her dyed, they take out the colors and they step on her shoes ”.

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