VIDEO. They went to lunch for Father’s Day and they ransacked his house: the drama of a musician from La Plata

What was an emotional and happy Father’s Day for a family from La Plata, turned into a real nightmare: four criminals entered their house -empty at that time- located in the neighborhood of San Carlos and in a few seconds, they wheeled around and took objects of great value not only economically, but also sentimentally. Everything was filmed on security cameras.

The unfortunate event occurred this Sunday at noon in the area of 30 between 39 and 40where four criminals surprised and attacked a house without its inhabitants, at the precise moment that they were gathered on a family outing as part of a special date.

EL DIA confirmed that the attacked address belongs to a musician from La Plata, well known locally. “We went out for lunch as a family, and they took advantage of that time to show up at the door of the house. There they got out of a car and after ringing the bell, they barred the door and entered.reported the victim.

He also revealed that at the time they forced the lock, the house alarm was activated, so they acted quickly, understanding that they knew that “the security protocol was already in place.” Despite that, in a matter of seconds they made three guitars, a Play Station and a significant sum of money.

The musician confessed that what matters most to him is “being able to recover the guitars” since it is not only his work tool, but also has a very great sentimental value. “They took three electric guitars, and it’s not going to help them because two of those are unfinished. One even belongs to my son that I made for him when he was born. It says Juan Cruz on the headstock”, counted.

In this way he asks for dissemination of the case and also offers a small reward to those who can provide data on the guitar. “They are guitars that I made and everyone who is related to music can recognize them,” she concluded.

If you can find any of the published guitars, you can contact them through their Instagram clicking here

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