Video: Windows 11 for gamers – the most important questions clarified

Windows 11 has been rolled out and is now (theoretically) available to everyone. But is it worth the download for gamers? Especially at the beginning of the rollouts, several websites reported reduced performance when gaming because new security features supposedly erode the performance. This naturally raises the question of whether a gamer should switch to the new operating system at all or whether the switch will bring more problems than advantages. Change despite skepticism? Alex’s column on Windows 11 The GameStar podcast on Windows 11 To clarify that, we asked hardware editor Alex Köpf the important questions that are currently based on Windows 11 online: Does the update, or its security features, really reduce the performance of the To play? And if so, can I just turn it off? How do I get to Windows 11 at all and how do I get rid of it if I don’t like it? And of course the most important question arises: Should I, as a gamer, download Windows 11 at all, or should I wait a little longer? Alex answered all of that for us. Have fun!

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