VIDEO: Yellow balloons and absence, this is how the seats of the ruling party in the Council were

Days ago, the councilors of La Plata Frente de Todos requested a special session of the Deliberative Council of La Plata to address the interpellation of the mayor of the city, Julio Garro, after the dissemination of the meeting in which the official participated in 2017, from which there were scandalous sayings about “having a Gestapo” to fight the unions.

The Frente de Todos requested the extraordinary meeting, which was scheduled for this Friday at 3:30 p.m., to discuss the scope of the “Judicial table” during the Government of MarĂ­a Eugenia Vidal. On the other hand, the ruling party did not appear in the Council and in the seats of its representatives, there were yellow balloons that covered the places.

Council sources assured that “No one was at the meeting” and despite the fact that the vice president, Romina Marascio, was in the place, the ruling party was not present, therefore, part of the opposition put the yellow balloons that were later taken out under a strict request that claimed “This is not a party”.

As reported by municipal sources, the mayor “is not in the city because he uses the license authorized by the councilors themselves.” Therefore, the scheduled session had to be chaired by Marascio and not by Ganduglia, who replaces Garro in the Executive when he is on leave.

“We express concern about the deep institutional gravity represented by the formation of an armed group especially to plan the initiation of judicial processes that directly harm workers’ rights,” said the FdT statement.

The extraordinary session had been called by the president of the Council, Darius Ganduglia, at the request of the 10 councilors of the Frente de Todos, who presented four projects seeking that the communal chief provide explanations about his participation in the table that is being investigated by the federal justice. In addition to raising the interpellation, the opposition also proposed to create an Investigative Commission and raised a request for information.

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