Video: Yuri gets cockroach during concert

CDMX.- The singer Yuri lived a moment of terror on stage after a cockroach climbed on her in the middle of the concert she performed in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, and that walked very close to her neck, causing various reactions of displeasure among those present and the internet.

Through a video, the moment that the artist lived in the concert was captured, and that is that while she was speaking, people began to yell at her to tell her that she had the insect on her clothes, Yuri, without listening very well, tries to guess what she says his fanatic, but while that happens, you can see how the cockroach walks towards his neck.

As could be seen in the video, it is until a person under the stage approaches her and tells her about the animal that she proceeds to scream. “Quaroach?” asks Yuri, while she still had a look of not knowing where she was, until she feels her paws on her neck and he proceeds to throw her.

“F*ck cockroach”, he said as he crushed it with his boot. “This is when the holy spirit comes out. Did you notice? P*nche cucaracho and I had it around here -he touches his neck-. Well, it’s good that here and not here, ”says the artist as she points to her groin.

The video went viral on social networks and many reacted by assuring that if it had been them, they would have been jumping and screaming. “I was stressed to see that he did not pay attention. “How cute and how funny and beautiful he reacted”, “Yuri’s great sense of humor”, were some of the comments made on networks.

Despite this unpleasant moment, Yuri continued with her show minutes later in order to please all her fans from Tamaulipas who went to see her during the celebration on September 15.

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