VIDEOS | A great goal to "what Maradona" of a kid from San Martín de Progreso

Gaspar Biasín plays in the 7th of San Martín de Progeso. After avoiding seven rivals on the way, it became a revolution in social networks

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11/25/2022 – 12:51 p.m.

VIDEOS |  A great goal for "lo Maradona" from a kid from San Martín de Progreso

The Esperancina Soccer League is like any other in the interior of the Province of Santa Fe, where the rustics are the stars. But, sometimes, true jewels emerge. This Thursday, hours before the second anniversary of the death of Diego Armando Maradonasocial networks were amazed by Gaspar Biasín’s goal.

The kid plays in the 7th division of San Martín de Progreso, the club that saw Emiliano Sala born in football. And his goal against Sarmiento de Humboldt left everyone stunned.

Seven on the floor, counting the goalie. Oh, and one was literally lying on the floor, being a direct witness to one of the best goals. Also, that was one of the two goals he scored in the 2-1 win that made them Champions.

There was no shortage of those who, on social networks, began to tag teams such as Colón and Unión de Santa Fe, Huracán, Patronato de Paraná, Newell’s Old Boys and Rosario Central, River and Boca. Will he be the next Messi? Only time will tell. Now sit back and enjoy.

disputed title

The match, which put the title of the Closing Tournament “Carlos Perino”, was played last Monday together with the respective dates of the LEF youth tournaments. Biasín’s goal sealed the 2-1 victory for San Martín. This is how the celebration of the young people was unleashed together with their families and fans of the club where Emilano Sala was trained as a footballer, the striker who lost his life on January 21, 2019 when the plane in which he was traveling fell on the Canal de la Stain.

The LEF was founded on February 29, 1932 by the Unión, San Lorenzo and Bartolomé Miter clubs, all from the city of Esperanza. The formative divisions of the league are grouped into two zones, North and South, which include 15 teams each.

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