Viewers appalled after feature – Soraya apologizes for her behaviour

Soraya Lavasani is told while Nyhetsmorgon is rolling. The reactions are many.

Rania and Thomas about the changes in Nyhetsmorgon

After the commercial: Rania and Thomas about the changes in Nyhetsmorgon


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News morning is watched by millions of people every week – largely because of the popular presenters.

Two of these are Soraya Lavasani, 40, and Martin Järborg, 43, who host Tuesday’s program.

In the morning news, many people are cheering for the duo’s effort. But there is also criticism – this worked not home in the cottages.

Soraya Lavasani apologizes

In Tuesday’s programme, among others, Mikael Sandström is on site to talk about rib injuries.

Something that the presenter Martin unfortunately has his own experience of. He tells how his rib fracture occurred:

– Into a jetty from a sailboat, he says and claps his hands demonstratively.

Soraya Lavasani and Martin Järborg

Soraya Lavasani grimaces as Martin recounts how he got his injury.

Then Mikael does his thing, as best he can anyway. A few times the presenters happen to interrupt Soldoktorn, and each other:

– Oh, sorry, Soraya says when she happens to talk into Martin’s mouth.

Something that doesn’t go well with everyone. During the course of the program, critical comments pour into the program’s Instagram:

“Gosh you interrupt and talk at each other’s mouths. I only heard half of what the guests said, or tried to say,” writes one person.

“Thank you Martin for letting Dr. Mikael talk without interrupting,” writes another.

“Wish the presenter would let Dr Mikael speak…”, writes a third.

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Others seem to be just happy with Soraya and Martin:

“The best presenter couple”, it sounds from one person.

This is how TV4 Nyhetsmorgon is changing

As I said, Nyhetsmorgon is a real viewer favorite and now the program is facing several changes.

In part, the program time will be extended on weekdays and two new presenters have been recruited, Rania Shemoun and Thomas Ritter.

Something Soraya thinks is so funny:

– I have worked with both Rania and Thomas for several years. So it only feels completely natural and great fun that they become an even bigger part of Nyhetsmorgon. Really great fun, but it’s like no new acquaintances, we’ve been colleagues for a long time, so it feels great fun, she says according to Happened.

Photo: TT

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