Viewers are furious at the scandal in Let’s Dance – the celebrity starts crying

Let's Dance 2022

Viewers shout “scandal” after last week’s Let’s Dance. Behind the scenes, one of the celebrities involved starts crying.

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Let’s Dance really engages the Swedish people and the previous program was no exception.

No, on social media and in Aftonbladet’s chat, words like “scandal” are thrown around.

After the competition, one of the participants fails – he starts crying after all the tension.

Viewers’ anger at Let’s Dance

Aron Andersson and Jasmine received the second most total points by the jury. Still, they had to leave after the viewers had their say.

This, getting high marks from the jury and low from the viewers, is a phenomenon that has irritated many:

“Not fun to watch anymore! When the jury like CAN dance gives them high scores and then the couple will duel! Would like to change the rules and that the people’s voices get much less importance!”, Is one of many comments in the same stucco on social media.

In Aftonbladet’s chat, it is described as a “scandal” that Marie Mandelmann, who received the lowest score from the jury, may remain.

When the newspaper talks to Aron after the broadcast, it breaks down – he starts to cry.

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Celebrity tears behind the scenes at Let’s Dance

Both Aron and Jasmine shed tears behind the scenes. At the same time, they are satisfied with their efforts:

– We obviously do not have the support of the audience and then we went out on it. What else should we do? says Aaron Aftonbladet after shipment.

In the program, he put into words how it feels to leave after receiving such high points from the jury:

– We go “out with a bang”.

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