Vinne takes Yor Forger off screen with Spy Family cosplay

We meet once again in your favorite section, where anime and video games serve as inspiration to create incredible cosplay versions of some of your favorite characters, that is why these models have a huge number of fans, because they exist to all tastes and styles, and we are dedicated to showing you the best of the best.

And it is that, cosplay girls and boys, present us with their stories and end up bringing to real life the appearance of some of their favorite characters, taking their style, clothing and image they give us some of the best versions we have seen.

That is why today we will show you a new version of a beautiful model that delights us with her best cosplay of Yor Briarbetter known as Yor Forger, the wife of Lloyd Forger and false mother of Anya, the protagonists of the popular anime Spy x Family.

She is vinneis a beautiful model who lives in Tokyo and who gives us some incredible cosplay of great characters, especially from the world of anime and video games, who has conquered us with her cosplay work, you can also meet her through her twitter account @vinnegal , where it has more than 645 thousand followers, and an attractive catalog of jobs where you will spend hours.

The beautiful and popular cosplayer has represented many characters, but one that managed to capture our attention is her version of Yor Forgerthe protagonist of the anime Spy x Family, where the assassin simply steals all the attention, due to her great beauty and ability, as well as funny moments, where she cannot hide her skill and has to manage not to be discovered by the rest of the family .

It is more than clear why the model enjoys her popularity, so we hope that this cosplay job has been to your liking, we are waiting for you on social networks, and please continue on eGames News.

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