Violate yourself and build yourself

What a national and international mess that the President has created with his decree to consider as “national security” the federal public work that would catapult him to head the most opaque government in all history since transparency was raised to constitutional rank to stop the corruption.

What a militarism that has materialized, and that has concerned military elites in Mexico and the United States, in whose corridors of its Congress it is endorsed that only the Navy is reliable to them.

Even a spokesman for this side has let it be known there that the recent words of the head of the Sedena do not correspond to the sentiment of his high command.

Let’s see. The decree of the President uses the concept of “national security” to create a class of false affirmative and information reservation that allows the approval of the public works procedures within a period of five days. But that makes the right of defense null and void.

In addition to violating the Mexican Constitution, it violates national and inter-American treaties and jurisprudence, and the same UN Convention against corruption.

By ignoring this broad framework, what it does is violate the human rights of all Mexicans, morenistas or not. Let’s list. It violates, among others, the Inter-American Convention against Corruption and the aforementioned UN Convention.

The Inter-American Democratic Charter establishes the importance of transparency in government activities, participation, and freedom of expression as fundamental components of democracy, because they are elements of vital importance for the consolidation and functioning of the democratic rule of law.

This decree hides from citizens what the government does with money and the likely environmental impacts on communities, for example. And by attacking Inai, by bringing him to trial before the Court, he violates other rights.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights indicates that the rights to “seek” and “receive” information are guaranteed in Article 13 of the American Convention, which protects the right of every person to request access to information under the control of the State. , with the exceptions allowed under the regime of restrictions regulated in said instrument.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights also impose legal obligations on States in order to fully and effectively guarantee the right to seek and receive information.

The Cofece, as well as bar associations and bars, and national and foreign businessmen, political parties and civil organizations have warned of such risks and will join the lawsuits against this administrative instrument.

For space reasons, some annotations. The Illustrious and National Bar Association emphasizes that the President violates Article 89 and orders his subordinates to disregard the laws that they protested to keep.

It creates “inequitable regulatory exceptions” by improperly interpreting article 26 of the Constitution; violates the National Security Law and the rights to information and other human rights, classifying infrastructure works in the order of national security.

This instrument does not blind officials to violate the law individually and be subjected to a trial of responsibility and disqualifications.

Cofece warns that a project that is declared of public interest and national security does not imply that the related contracts are framed as an exception to the bidding according to the respective laws.

IN OTHER THINGS. 11 women are murdered daily in Mexico; 2,840 murdered from January to September and drug traffickers depopulate regions, imagine if you hadn’t won as you say.

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